On Monday, December 19 we went to Elvis' home. I have always wanted to go and pretty much made Albert go. We probably won't be going through Memphis anytime soon, if ever.  It's somewhat expensive, but worth every penny.  

I grew up listening to Elvis because my dad is a big fan so it was cool to see the house where he lived, died, and is buried.  The house is very 1960's and reminded me a lot of my grandma's house, especially the Christmas tree in the dining room complete with tinsel ice cycles and big lights.  When we were touring one of the planes we ran into the missionaries for the LDS church.  Crazy :)

Interesting facts about Elvis I learned on the tour:
  • He never wrote any of his songs, but he produced every single one.
  • Elvis won three Grammys all for Gospel.
  • He really liked racquetball and built a court in his backyard to lose weight.
  • He owned a pink Cadillac that was his mom's favorite car.
  • He paid $102,500 for Graceland in 1957 when he was 22.
  • The sinks on the plane the Lisa Marie are gold.  Real gold.
  • Elvis was an avid reader and would bring a chest of books with him on tour.
  • Some of his favorite movies were the Monty Python series.  
  • Besides during his service in the military in Germany, Elvis only spent one Christmas away from Graceland.  He was in Las Vegas and he hated being away from home during the holidays.

Here is a virtual tour of Graceland since I KNOW you want to see ALL the pictures Albert took and are curious to see where the KING of rock n' roll lived.  Merry Christmas.

Graceland Mansion LiveCam

Taking Care of Business in a Flash


kimi + joe said…
i've always wanted to visit Graceland and am slightly jealous at this moment! Looking at those photos feels like a time warp. I've never seen a blonde Elvis.

Also, love how Q is cuddled so closely with you in that photo.

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