Fun Photo Friday: Week 43

Nashville: Gaylord Opryland Hotel

Last Friday we packed our bags and headed out of town.  We arrived in our new place in Oklahoma City on Tuesday and have been settling in ever since.  This has been quite the change for our little guy. He's been handling it quite well despite his chest congestion which kept him and me up the first few nights of our trip.  He has mastered pulling himself up on just about anything.  He can even open the closet door from his bed (he's sleeping inside our closet since we're in a one bedroom apartment now.


kimi + joe said…
Glad you made it safe and sound -- I was thinking about you along your journey.
Sara said…
Oh Q! Hope he is feeling better. Livi is sick my FPF!
Melina26 said…
I'm so glad you guys made it safely. Quentin's such a trooper. I hope he feels better. Miss you guys!

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