Fun Photo Friday: Week 42

This week has been a busy one.  Luckily Quentin has started napping more so I can get things done around the house instead of chasing after him trying to constantly keep him away from this and out of that.  This crawling is serious business.  He is spending more and more time on his hands and knees instead of his normal army crawl.  I can't believe that he's old enough to crawl!  My little baby is growing up!  He's also getting really good at pulling himself up and will stand if he has something to hold onto.

He's been throwing a fit if we take away something he wants, crying like I hurt him.  I hope this isn't an indicator of what's to come.  I didn't thing they started doing that stuff until they were toddlers.  He has been much more into books lately.  Not just munching on them either (although he still does that), he will listen while I read to him and look at the pictures.  

It seems like he's really starting to understand me.  He knows his name and will stop in his tracks when I call to him.  If I give him a choice to go in the jumperoo or I explain that I'm going to put him in there he does a lot better than if I just put him in there.  This week he ate pasta that I mushed up (I'm feeding him only gluten-free food until after he's a year old because I read that he would be less likely to develop Celiac that way) and I blended up some chili that he also ate without a problem.


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