Fun Photo Friday: Week 41

We wanted pictures of him in his cute Sunday outfit, but all we got was this face :)

Quentin has now been outside the womb for as long as he was inside.  Last week at the pediatrician's office they asked if he was pulling himself up and I had to say no, but this week my answer would be yes.  He has started climbing up on me and the packing boxes we have put around him as his little fort.  It's actually been quite nice having a walled off section since he can't get into all the stuff we have laying around from packing.  Good thing we're leaving soon because he's going to learn how to climb over it really quick.

He's been sticking his tongue out all the time lately which is actually really cute.  Hopefully he gets it out of his system now and isn't doing it when he's older.  Then it's not so cute anymore.  Ever since the doctor said he could eat pretty much anything now except raw honey and anything that could choke him, I've been trying to give him the same stuff we're eating.  He seems to like the same things that his dad likes.  Meatballs, turkey rice soup, and Filipino breakfast (rice, egg yolks, Vienna sausages).


kimi + joe said…
Haha, that tongue!

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