Thanksgiving 2011

We held Thanksgiving dinner at our condo this year.  The last time we enjoyed our condo and our table and our living room furniture.  It was a culinary feat.  Albert was so distracted by the abundance of food for the four of us that besides a picture of Blake carving the turkey, we have no pictures of people.  I was really bummed there were no pictures of Quentin on his first Thanksgiving, but I doubt there are pictures of me on my first Thanksgiving and look how far I've come.

The artichoke dip and sweet potatoes turned out really good.  I highly recommend adding those recipes to your  list of to-try items (don't worry, eventually they'll show up as a recipe of the week).  Of course you can't go wrong with lots of butter and cheese :)  Laura and Blake did really well with the turkey and look at those beautiful pies Laura made!  A work of art.  My pie was not beautiful, but it tasted pretty good :)  I was lazy and decided not to do a gluten-free crust after all.

After dinner we played one last game of Settlers of Catan.  We used to get together almost monthly for a game at Kim & Joe's before we had babies and they moved away. It was a relaxing and wonderful holiday and we are so happy we could spend it with Laura & Blake.


kimi + joe said…
Haha, yes, look how far you've come despite not having your own Thanksgiving photos :) Too funny. Albert's obviously lost his focus, hehe.

Those pies are truly amazing and I'm drooling slightly as I keep looking at them. YUM!!

We missed you guys. It wasn't the same for sure. Perhaps next year we'll trek down to NM for Thanksgiving.

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