Fun Photo Friday: Week 40

On Monday Quentin turned nine months old and finally met cousin Jake and his wife Bethany before we headed back home from visiting family.  In about six more months Quentin will have another cousin down in Florida when these two have their baby! They are going to be the best parents and we are soo excited for them!

with Cousins Bethany & Jake

Tuesday at his nine month pediatric appointment, Quentin's head measured 18 1/4" (79th percentile), he was 28 3/4" long (68th percentile), and weighed 21 lbs 4.5 oz (72nd percentile). The doctor said he is proportional, just a little big for his age, just like during his last appointment. 

Quentin follows me around the condo now that he can army crawl.  I thought he was pretty good at getting around when he just rolled everywhere, but now he's really picked up speed.  It's tough to keep him from gnawing on our rug in the living room or picking at the carpet along the wall.


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