Fun Photo Friday: Week 37

This week Quentin fell forward, which happens occasionally, but this time his bottom tooth punctured the gums on the top and it started bleeding :(  Since there was a tooth under those gums his top left tooth has broke through. So it just ended up speeding things a long a little.

He loves pumpkin mixed with banana and cinnamon, string cheese, and rice crackers.  He started eating pasta (gluten-free quinoa) and chicken!  He's not really into them since I still mix veggies in with them.  

He's been hanging out on his knees, rocking back-and-forth more frequently and for longer periods of time.  He recognizes his name and the words cheese and bath, those are his favorite things.


Megan B. said…
I was wondering. Are you putting him on a gluten-free diet like you are? Will you eventually have him tested? Just curious.
kimi + joe said…
I love that photo -- I imagine crawling is in his near future. Prepare yourself :)

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