Florida Trip

We had planned to be in Florida for Christmas this year and so when we found out we would have to be in Oklahoma instead we were bummed.  We decided to move up our Florida vacation to November and we were so glad we were able to go.  Maybe we can go next year for Christmas.

We hung out with lots of relatives who fawned over Quentin.  His favorite was his cousin Maya.  Too bad we don't live in Florida we'd have a great little babysitter.  He also enjoyed watching his cousins play.  He's going to love going down there when he can join in.  Uncle Jerard and Uncle Alvin were also a lot of fun to play with.  

We went out to eat a lot with Albert's parents and his Uncle Ben.  They go out a lot to Olive Garden, Outback, and Cracker Barrel and have certain servers who treat them very well.  It was like going out with the God Father or something.  Uncle Ben likes to tell everyone that Quentin is going to president someday.  Maybe because he was born on President's day.  Uncle Ben is very respected in Albert's family because he was the first to come to the US and helped his siblings and their families come to the US too.

We were able to leave Quentin with Albert's brother-in-law while we went and saw "Breaking Dawn".  Albert took  me upstairs to see the projectors and stuff at the movie theatre where he used to work.  We also visited a couple of Albert's friends from high school which was fun.  We hadn't seen them since we drove down to Florida for Christmas in 2008.

Albert had been talking about this mural he helped paint in his elementary school, when he was in elementary school for awhile.  He wanted to get a picture of it before they painted over it so sleeping Quentin and I waited in the car while he took pictures of his mural and chatted with an old teacher.  He said that they wanted to paint over it because no one knew what it was supposed to be.  He explained to them that it was for an inter-school mail system and that there used to be a mailbox right where he's standing in the picture (the astronaut was pointing to it).  Since they removed the mailbox ages ago it didn't make much sense anymore.  Luckily the mural is still there :) 

Albert's sister Melina is due to have a baby girl in January.  She's been on bed rest her entire pregnancy and could deliver at anytime.  It's wonderful she's held off labor for this long.  Jesicca arranged a fun baby shower for her.  

It was a lot of fun and we got to see all of Albert's aunts, uncles, and cousins who live in the area.  Plus I guessed the number of candies in the bottle (I was amazingly only off by one!!) and we won the best onsie.  I kept telling Albert to take a picture of the awesome onsie we made, but he never did.  It was based off of the one below, but was much more colorful and said "filipina" instead of "filipino".

There was a lot of great food of course.

We also got a family picture with everyone except for Maya who was with her dad.

The weather was so beautiful the entire time.  Every time we go there in the winter I can't believe we actually choose to live somewhere else.


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