American History Museum

For playgroup last week we went to the American History Museum.  Well, Quentin and I did and we met up with a couple other moms there.  I really wanted to go one last time before we move away and I'm glad I did.  The weather has been so nice lately and the leaves are really beautiful.

Here's my traveling buddy.  He did great on the metro.  He loves to people watch.

When I got there I called Albert to see if he wanted to stop by since his work isn't far away.  He came and checked out the cool pop culture stuff and then we headed down to the cafeteria with my mom friends and had lunch.

After lunch Albert and the other moms had to go so Quentin and I checked out the military history stuff and Julia Child's kitchen.  I had never seen it before so I made sure to take lots of pictures to document for posterity.


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