Regular Day Off

Albert works 9 hours a day and gets every other Friday off. We love this arrangement because we get a lot done on his days off. Running errands with a baby by yourself is much more time consuming and difficult because even if you just want to run into the library to drop off a book you have to bring the baby with you. If you have someone else with you they can just wait in the car. 

On Friday, September 30 we ended up doing some fun things we weren't expecting. I had read on a gluten free blog on Thursday that the sâuçá food truck would be giving away Glutino gluten free sandwiches right by my old work at Farrugut Square the next day. So we made sure we got there to get one of these great sandwiches. I hadn't eaten a whole sandwhich in a long time so it was quite the treat. Albert picked up another one for me, both were turkey and avocado, my favorite.

I ate the first one immediately.  It had a nice texture.  The crust was hard, but the inside was nice and soft.  It wasn't crumbly or anything.


I saved the second one and made into a panini the next day.  It was also delicious.

On the way out of DC we passed by the Washington Monument where they were inspecting the damage caused by the earthquake.  We could see the guys repelling on all four sides.  How cool would it be to say you repelled down the Washington Monument?  Very.


We happened across a Hana Tokyo Groupon for half off of lunch good only for Friday.  We bought two and headed on down to one of our favorite restaurants.  We had tempura ice cream (not gluten free) for dessert.   Yum!


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