Natural History Museum

On September 26 Quentin and I went on a little trip to the Natural History Museum in DC with some friends from church.  Quentin wasn't nearly as excited as I was.  I had to take pictures of the cute baby bear (too bad he's stuffed) and the antelope and gopher, I'm sure they're from Wyoming (FYI: WY has more antelope than people).  

My favorite part was the section on forensics.  It was like TV show "Bones."  The picture of the skulls are skulls from a Native American, a European, and and African and details how you can tell the ethnicity of someone through their skull.  I should have been an anthropologist.

Quentin really liked the artistic interpretation of the deep sea or twilight zone where they light up.  Very cool.  He also liked the little fish tank.  We were lucky because the butterfly pavilion is free on Tuesdays so we got to go in and see the pretty butterflies flying all around us.  Plus there were hardly any tourists's a good time to come to DC friends!  Another lucky find was that it was the day they feed the taranchula.  She only eats like once a week so it was a big deal.  Did you know there are no reported cases of a taranchula killing a human?

Overall it was really fun to get out of the house and wander into the big city.  We might have to do this again folks!


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