Big Apple Circus

Albert was able to get free tickets to the Big Apple Circus through the USO along with free food vouchers so we went out to the Dulles Town Center on October 8.  It was pretty cool.  There were acrobats, clowns, magic tricks, a juggler, horses, and trapeze artists all in a big tent as it should be.

After seeing Cirque du Soleil nothing else really compares, but it was fun to see.  Unfortunately Quentin didn't enjoy it as much as we did.  He didn't like the loud noises and was too distracted to really eat anything so he was hungry.  My arms were sore from trying to wrangle him for two hours.  Luckily his cries were drowned out by the applause so we didn't have to take him out.  We will wait until he's older to go again.


kimi + joe said…
Boy, I sure miss the USO. Denver does not have one, surprisingly enough. It's such a wonderful organization and I wish we could join you for these fun outings! No doubt E and Q would have a jolly time crying together :)

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