20 happy things

Taking a cue from Rockstar Diaries I'm making a list of what makes me happy, but I couldn't decide on 10 things so I went with 20.

found here.

  1. A crisp fall day
  2. Having my husband home from work
  3. Sounds of my smiley happy baby
  4. Saturday morning breakfast
  5. Country music on the radio on a lazy day
  6. The smell of bacon
  7. Shopping in the city
  8. A nice long Albert (or Quentin) hug
  9. Farmers markets
  10. Listening to General Conference
  11. Painting my nails
  12. Drinking hot chocolate
  13. Making a great tasting and looking meal
  14. Long hot bath/shower
  15. Getting a good deal
  16. The spirit I feel as I leave the temple
  17. Catching up with family & friends
  18. Going to lectures on any social science
  19. Chocolate no-bake cookies (w/o pb)
  20. Colored tights


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