Fun Photo Friday: Week 31

This week Quentin turned seven months old!  I can't believe we're past the half-way mark to the big birthday!  He has been eating oatmeal and carrots everyday.  At first he liked the oatmeal more than the carrots, but lately he never finishes the oatmeal and can't get enough of those carrots.  Hopefully this translates to good eyesight like my mom always promised.  

He sits for short periods of time by himself and occasionally pokes his butt up in the air while in cobra pose.  Maybe he'll start crawling one of these days.  I have been putting him on sheet in the living room surrounded by toys  (thanks for the sheet idea Sara!), but he always goes for anything that's not a toy (couch, toy box, tags on anything, the sheet, a rag).  Sometimes I wonder why we even bother with toys.  We went to music makers (sort of like a music Gymboree class they teach for free at church) on Monday and he really enjoyed all the singing and being around other kids and babies.

Thursday while I was making lunch and he was playing in the living room he started making his scared cry so I immediately went over to check on him.  He was all wrapped up in the sheet, head to toe. It took me awhile to get him out because it was wrapped around him four or fives times.  He must have just kept rolling and then got scared when he couldn't get out.  I was wishing I could get a picture, but I was afraid maybe he couldn't breathe very well. Crazy kid!


kimi + joe said…
I can imagine he looked quite funny rolled up like a little burrito -- poor fellow! Glad he was a-ok. This photo is great and it looks like he's attempting the 'Superman' flight.

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