Fun Photo Friday: Week 30

The Saddest Boy in the World

This week was a little rough.  Quentin was pretty fussy for the first couple days and I couldn't leave his side without him crying.  He's been waking up at about 6 AM instead of his usual 8 AM, which has been hard on me.  He has been doing better at eating and I've been trying to give him rice cereal everyday.  I know he needs more food because he's waking up hungry so early in the morning.  Next week we'll try giving him another meal of solids and see how he does. 

We went to playgroup on Wednesday and it was so nice outside.  He had so much fun hanging out with the kids and being outside.  On Thursday we had a playdate with a little boy who is exactly two months older and that was a lot of fun. Quentin has started to sit up by himself for short periods of time, he's getting pretty good at it.


kimi + joe said…
oh, that poor little boy! I think those are real tears too. Hopefully the rice cereal takes away his hunger pains and he quickly gets back to sleeping like a champ.

I sure wish we could join your play group. Sigh. I bet Q would give Elizabeth another one of his flirty smiles. Too funny.

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