Fun Photo Friday: Week 29

This week we have been trying to get Quentin to go to sleep on his own instead of falling asleep eating. He hasn't been taking it too well. When I've woke him up after his feeding he cries and cries and I usually end up feeding him again. 

We have cut out the multiple feedings in the evening (luckily he's been sleeping through the night for months now) by feeding him before his bath and then once before he goes to sleep. This has gone over really well and is leaving us more down time in the evening. We also moved up his bedtime since he's tired at 7 pm.  

Things are going better with the teething business and he is back to his happy self. He loves rolling and scooting on the floor and our big new bed. We also discovered that he likes bananas just like his daddy.  Perhaps this will lead to more foods he will eat.  He will eat pretty much anything that isn't actual food :)


Amanda said…
Good luck!! I didn't make Saoirse do this until she was a year old when I started weaning her. Her teeth are fine. Don't beat yourself up if it takes a while! :)

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