02 September 2011

Fun Photo Friday: Week 28

This week Quentin's two bottom teeth broke through and he's been so whiney, poor guy. We've had a few biting incidences with his new teeth that are very painful for mom, but hopefully it won't be a regular thing.  We've also been trying to get him to eat solids on a regular basis. Originally he liked rice cereal, but lately he refuses to open his mouth and just cries instead, he's a very stubborn little boy. It's no fun and everyone loses.  luckily the latter half of the week has been a lot better and hopefully this continues.


kimi + joe said...

Poor little fellow - I hope the pain stops soon for both of you! This is a great photo and it's just precious how he lovingly looks up to you with your big, brown gorgeous eyes.

Melina26 said...

He's such a cutie pie=) Jadon went through the same thing with fevers. So, I feel for you. Have you tried baby orajel? We used it when it got too bad.

Liz Szilagyi said...

Reid only bit during the first stages of teething. He has 7 teeth now and hasn't bit in months. Good luck with it tho. Quentin is such a handsome little dude!


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