Birthday Time!

Since it was my birthday last week we went out to eat using up birthday coupons and gift cards.  First we went to Noodles & Co. on August 12.  We got a totally free meal here.  Albert used the t-shirt I got awhile back for a free salad and I used my coupon for free birthday noodles.  I chose mac & cheese with rice noodles since it was my birthday, but was a little disappointed because they started using this liquid cheese and it's just not as good.

On my birthday, August 16, we went to Maggiano's and used a $10 off birthday coupon and a gift certificate from my good friend Sara.  It was pretty fun trying their new Classic Pastas.  They have gluten free pasta and if you get a classic pasta you can pick one to eat there and another to take home for $12.95.  We end up with four meals because you are good eating half of each at one sitting.  Such a good deal.  Quentin wasn't as excited about going out to eat so we took turns holding him while the other one ate.

While I didn't really do anything special during the day, it was so nice not to have to go to work this year and to get to  hang out with my favorite little buddy who is always full of smiles.  No one is ever happier to see me.

We went to Sam's Club that weekend and bought frozen Cheesecake Factory Cheese cake and I ate the Godiva Double Chocolate cheesecake for my birthday cake afterwards.

Albert's parents gave me gift certificates to Chili's so we stopped there on August 17 when we didn't have time to cook.  We went back to Noodles and Co. on August 23 to celebrate Albert's promotion and then got my free birthday ice cream at Coldstone (it's now buy-on-get-one free so it's barely worth it).  It was pretty tasty though.


kimi + joe said…
Happy birthday indeed! I love that your entire birthday celebration revolved around good food and family -- I think that's exactly how birthdays should be.

Also, it looks like Q's shirt has head phones on it. Are my eyes tricking me?
Tiff said…
Thanks Kim! Those are sunglasses and dog tags on his shirt :). My mom bought this outfit for him right after we found out we were having a boy so it's fun that he can wear it now.

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