Tip of the Day: Library

I spend a lot of time at my local library.  I get on their website and get lots of good books and videos through inter library loan.  I like to watch historic documentaries while getting dinner ready or ironing.  Right now I'm learning about all the stuff all those history classes I took failed to cover like 1950-1970 (anything past WWI really).  I recently learned that my grandpa fought in the Korean War and was in a major battle.  Unfortunately I know nothing about the "Forgotten War."  I'm also interested in Vietnam.  

My current favorite author is Sophie Kinsella.  She is most famous for her "Shopaholic" series but I haven't read any of those books.  I have read almost all of her other books (I just started the last) and am starting to read her earlier books under the pen name Madeleine Wickham. 

I have fallen in love with Jillian Michaels work out DVDs.  My particular favorites are "Ripped in 30" and "30 day shred".  I think I might have to buy them.  The workouts are only 20-30 minutes long and there are 3-4 different work outs on each DVD.  She really works you too.  Unlike most workout videos that are definitely not difficult enough to make any difference, you will be sore after you do her video.  Plus you only need one pair of weights.  They are short enough that you can actually do them, but challenging enough that you will be sweating and I've only done level one.


Shaunel said…
ha ha. I got a jillian michaels dvd from our library last week, I was planning to return it b/c i didn't need it, but read your post and decided to try it out. You're right! She's awesome. Thanks for the tip! (We love getting documentaries also. THey're so interesting!)

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