Recipe of the Week: Vanilla Pudding with Strawberries and Caramel

We found Dr. Oetker Original Vanilla European Style Pudding at the commissary and I wanted to make it in a mold, however we don't have one so I just used a bowl that had a little bit of a wave in it.  After it set I turned it upside down and decorated it with caramel syrup, strawberries and whipped cream.  Albert thought it was pretty so he took pictures. 

We really liked the caramel and strawberries with the nice thick pudding (not instant by the way).  I made another dessert with the same pudding in wine classes, layering blueberries and caramel syrup with the pudding, but I didn't like the blueberries as much as the strawberries with the pudding, although it looked really nice.


Sara said…
Looks delish!
Cashelle said…
I love all of your recipes! YUM!

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