Fun Photo Friday: Week 27

This week Quentin turned 6 months!  We went to the pediatrician for his 6 month check-up on Wednesday and since there was an earthquake on Tuesday Albert had the day off and was able to come with us.  Quentin weighs 19 lbs 5.5 oz which lands him in the 80th percentile and his height is 27.5 inches or 84th percentile.  His head is also in the 84th percentile so while he may look super chunky, he's actually proportional, he's just big for his age.

He had a couple shots and he did really well.  They didn't bother him in the evening like the usually do.  His bottom front teeth are just below the surface so they could come in soon or it might be awhile. Now we just have to start giving him cereal on a regular basis.  He has started drinking water from a sippy cup and he seems to really like that.  He can sit for short periods of time by himself before slowly toppling over.

Another new thing this week is making noise by hitting his mouth.  I have done it to him in the past and he always enjoyed it and now he can do it himself.  Here's a video of what I mean using the 8mm app.



kimi + joe said…
Love those Baby Legs! He's so handsome all around it's hard not being able to squeeze those cheeks anymore. How on earth can he be 6 months already?!?! Glad he was a super trooper with the shots.

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