Folklife Festival 2011

On July 2 we went down to the National Mall for the annual Folklife Festival. We mostly hung out at the Peace Corps section watching Ukrainian and Filipino dancers.  We sat in front of a couple who have been married for 52 years.  The wife is from Puerto Rico and the husband is Filipino.  They loved looking at Quentin and said that he reminded them of their son when he was a baby.

Here's a video of the Opika Performance Group from Ukraine:

A group home in the northern Philippines has a group of kids who do tinikling dancing (the official dance of the Philippines) and there are Peace Corps volunteers there.  Here are some video Albert took of them.  We took the first one with this new cartoon app we got on my iTouch.

We then meandered down to the cooking section where we watched Malian and Filipino cooking and checked out how they made shea butter (what I used while pregnant to minimize stretch marks).

Here's a cartoon video of Quentin during the pancit demonstration.


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