Jobs, Renovations, Blessing

Besides having a sweet baby and learning how to take care of him, we've also been busy with our new condo and job prospects.  

I'm still on maternity leave and spend my days and nights with Quentin.  Albert is currently going to school full time along with his full time job.  His classes are mostly on-line so he can do his class work at night and on the weekends, but it keeps him very busy.

He received his tentative offer letter for his position in Albuquerque as an air traffic controller and has done all the security, physical, and mental evaluations so we're just waiting for the FAA to call him up for his training in Oklahoma although we have been told that it won't happen for at least a couple more years.  In the meantime, he accepted an offer for a permanent position in HR at the FAA Wednesday, so that's exciting.

We were supposed to close on the condo March 11, but the seller, Freddie Mac, needed more time to pay off the liens so we signed the documents on March 14, but it wasn't finalized until March 18.  We were able to get the condo association board to sign off on our plans to open up the kitchen on March 22 even though we were supposed to make our request to get on the agenda a week before, something we couldn't do because the paperwork wasn't finalized. They were going to make us wait for approval until the next meeting at the end of April putting us way behind schedule on our remodeling plans.

We finally decided on a contractor and we will meet with him again this evening to finalize the materials we want to use and the exact budget.  They will start the actual construction on Monday and hopefully only take three weeks to complete it.  I'm so excited to move into our new place with all that room and a new kitchen and bathroom.  Yesterday we put in our one month move out notice to our apartment complex so we'll be moved out by April 30 at the latest.

We are going to have Quentin's blessing on Easter, April 24.  My biological dad and his wife are coming from Wyoming to attend so we're pretty excited to have family in town and show off our new baby and condo :)


kimi + joe said…
Ah, I can't believe it's all happening so quickly! So many changes in such a short period of time. Hopefully we'll be able to make it to Quentin's blessing - the only thing stopping us would be the arrival of our baby. Congrats to Albert on the job - what happy news!
Shaunel said…
Good luck on the condo remodel. I'll send good vibes to your contractor--hopefully they can follow through with their time commitments.

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