Kim's Baby Shower

On March 19 my old roommate and friend Laura and I threw a baby shower for our friend Kimi who is going to have a little girl next month.  Laura put together the food and decorations, while I was in charge of the activities.  

Albert was nice enough to be the photographer and put together the video.   He stayed up until 3 AM editing the video the night before and made it really fun with video clips.  I definitely couldn't have done it without him!

For the first 45 minutes or so we ate and chatted with everyone.

Our first activity was "Q & A with Joe."  Albert and I interviewed Joe in January, asking him a series of questions about fatherhood and babies.  Kim had to guess what his answer was and the guests had to guess how many questions she would answer correctly.  

We played gift BINGO while the mother-to-be opened her gifts.  She got a lot of nice things and Quentin was good enough to sleep in his carrier the whole time :)

We're excited for the new baby girl to make her arrival, but sad that Kim & Joe are moving to Denver shortly after for graduate school.  We'll definitely have to keep in touch and who knows maybe they'll become Q's in laws one day  :)


kimi + joe said…
You ladies really went WAY above and beyond. It's hard to believe you both were working on very little sleep. We had a marvelous time and really felt love. Thanks for a fantastic afternoon and I'm excited for Quentin to meet his new little buddy!

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