3 Weeks

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy.  Getting used to being a parent is quite the baptism by fire and hopefully we'll start to get better at everything so it doesn't take us so long to do even the smallest things.

My mom came into town the day we arrived home from the hospital and it was so nice to have her guidance and home made food during that first week.

By Saturday after Quentin was born, I was super ready to get out of the house so we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Maggiano's.  They have gluten free pasta so we wanted to take my mom since she doesn't eat gluten either.  Q slept the entire time we were eating which was fantastic.

Here we are with little Q who didn't want to make any cute faces for our pictures:

Albert's parents, brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, 2 nephews, and niece were in town from Florida from March 5-11 so we spent our time with them.  Unfortunately we didn't take very many pictures.  Hopefully we can get some more from Albert's family.

Here are a few of us hanging out:

They went to Georgetown Cupcakes while Albert was at work and they were kind enough to pick me up a couple gluten-free cupcakes.  I had never had a Georgetown Cupcake since the gluten free variety is new.  They are pretty good.  There is a bit of an aftertaste with the gluten free cupcakes, but that's pretty normal.

On Thursday night we went up to Maryland to visit Albert's brother-in-law's aunt and uncle's house.  They bought a bushel of crabs and we barely made a dent.  Albert opened up probably 5-6 crabs and had a small pile of crab meat to show for it.  I don't have the patience or know-how to mess with such things so I just ate some of the other food and snacked on the fruit of Albert's labors.

Now we're working on closing on our condo tomorrow and remodeling!


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