12 days of Quentin

Here are the first 12 days of Quentin's life.  He is growing up so fast already!  He's so alert and is now focusing on things and people and is starting to respond more.  It's so cute.  Albert and I can't stop saying how perfect he is.  We are completely smitten with him.  When he goes to bed we get out the video monitor so we can watch him sleep and look at pictures of him.  We're a little obsessed.

Karissa Kay Photography took the picture for day 12

I posted Q's birth story on our other blog.  You can check it out here.


Amanda said…
We still watch the baby monitor with our little one to watch her sleep and sometimes we both go in to cover her up at night now just to look at how cute she looks asleep in some contorted position or another. Babies truly are the best blessing ever! Your little guy is sure cute! :)

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