Happy Valentines Day Indeed!

Valentine's Day was a surprisingly great day.  I like Valentines Day and all, but I don't usually expect much out of it.  This year we went to our last OB appointment in the morning and were told that instead there being absolutely no sign that labor was coming, I was dilated to one centimeter.  That was huge for me.  Only nine more to go!  We also set up our induction appointment for Monday, February 21 at 8:00 AM...a light at the end of the tunnel!

Then I received flowers at work from my valentine :)  Flowers delivered to work are the best because then you can look at them all day.  When they are at home I hardly ever get to enjoy them.

At 4:00 PM I had a meeting scheduled to go over some things with a girl who is taking over one of my projects when I leave.  On the meeting invite the place was TBD so I was waiting at my desk for her to call and let me know where to meet.  She came by a few minutes after 4:00 and said that the other person who would be in on the meeting was getting us a conference room to meet in. 

We went to the Large Conference room which is a little strange for only three people to meet, but I figured that all the others were most likely taken since we were looking last minute.  When she opened the door the room was filled with people and all of them turned to look at me.  I figured we had interrupted a meeting in process, but the other person who was supposed to be in the meeting was there too, so I was really confused.  I said something about there being a bunch of people and started to back out when the girl I was with pushed me into the room.  It was then that I noticed there was a present at the head of the table and I understood that it was a surprise party for me!  I can't image what my face looked like because I was TOTALLY surprised.

They had two cakes (they forgot I don't eat gluten, but since I don't actually get sick unless I have a lot, I made an exception and had a piece of chocolate cake with lots of frosting...it was tasty!) which they cut up while I opened my gift - an Ergo Baby Carrier that I had registered for.  The card was signed by everyone and included some cash.  It was so nice of them!  Luckily Albert has been picking me up from work so I didn't have to bring all of it on the metro with me :)

We got a free movie from Redbox - another nice surprise - so we picked one up on the way home.  We didn't know what to get and a woman returning a video recommended Flipped, which surprisingly, turned out to be the perfect Valentine's Day movie.  It's super family friendly so we can easily recommend it to anyone and it's cute without being super cheesy.  There are also a lot of stars in it.

We made our cheese and chocolate fondue while we watched the movie.   Of course on our perfect day, the fondue turned out even better than usual :)

It was a wonderful way to spend our last Valentine's Day before our little one makes his appearance.


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