FAA Baby Shower

A few weeks ago a coworker of Albert's asked me to email her about a surprise for Albert. He had already guessed that they were throwing him a shower, but I tried to keep it on the lowdown as long as possible.   I didn't know what to expect since I didn't really know any of his coworkers, but they were really generous especially since 1) Albert is a man and 2) he has only worked there since June.  My coworkers haven't even thrown me a shower and I've worked there for awhile now and I'm female.

We went around the room and they quickly introduced themselves.  Don't ask me any of their names, I don't remember, and then we got started opening gifts. 

We received a lot of clothes and some other things like a Sophie the Giraffe. If you don't know Sophie is a very popular toy especially amongst the blogging community.  They also gave us a book for the baby that they all signed.  They said that they bought Little Bean some "preppy" clothes from GAP since Albert wears preppy clothes :)  He will be one stylish little guy!

After we opened all the presents we played a very difficult game where we had to unscramble words associated with a baby.  You would think that Albert and I would have easily won since we have been immersed in baby items, we were working together, and we had people telling us the answers, but we still lost.  It was that hard.  We cut the cake and had cake and ice cream before heading back to work.

It was a nice surprise and we're so glad that Albert can work with people who are so supportive and generous :)  Hopefully he can get that permanent position they've been promising once the continuing resolution ends!


Bethany said…
That is so sweet! What a nice group of co-workers. And lots of cute baby things! I love Sophie the Giraffe. We're so excited for when your little guy arrives soon. Good luck!
kimi + joe said…
Wow, that really is so generous and you guys are most deserving too. Good thing they took their gift cues from Albert's wardrobe. You'll have one stylish babe on your hands.
Amanda said…
You'll love the "fold n go diapering kit" thing! We LOVE ours!! I take it everywhere! Now that she's older, it's the only thing I carry (until June when I have 2 in diapers!) That was such a sweet thing for them to do for y'all! :)

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