Baby Quilts

The day we found out we were expecting a baby (clear back in June) our friend Kim, the master quilter, came over to teach me how to make a quilt. Albert and I had bought the material hoping that we would be using it for our little one, but had no idea that it would happen so soon. Kim cut and ironed all the little pieces and taught me how to sew them together.

I finished the top of the quilt that same day, however I never got around to the binding part. It wasn't a big deal since I had a lot of time before the baby was coming. Well, a week or so ago Kim offered to finish the quilt since the baby is coming any day now. Knowing that it was unlikely that I was going to finish it myself I gladly handed it over.

The material we had chosen for the back wasn't what we really wanted, but after they stopped selling material at our local Wal-Mart we never got around to finding something more appropriate. Luckily Kimi had some extra material on hand that went well with the top. This was definitely a joint effort.

On Wednesday Kim dropped off the quilt.  Here's the finished product.  I love the binding, so professional!

Earlier in the week we received a box from my parents with two blankets for our baby.  My mom explained that the quilt below was actually tied shortly after Albert and I were married by my mom, aunt, and sister.  Coincidentally it was made with material for a little boy and my mom asked my grandma to bind it, which she did by hand, so that our little boy would have a special blanket made by the lovely women in his family.

This blanket was crocheted by my mother during long road trips for me to use while nursing in the winter.  My maternal grandma who died when I was nine also crocheted and so this is quite special.

It makes me so happy to know how much love our family and friends have for our little baby boy and he isn't even born yet!


kimi + joe said…
So glad I could help with your quilt. Those other two quilts are lovely and clearly your little guy will be cozy and snuggled in love.

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