Offer Accepted!

We put down an offer on a condo we've been eyeing and today it was accepted!  It's a foreclosure, but it's in pretty good shape and right around the corner from the metro.  It needs some work so we won't be moving in right away.  We have to have the inspection first and then we'll close on March 11 if all goes well.  We're really excited to get started on all the remodeling projects and will for sure be blogging about the whole process :)

It has three bedrooms and will have two baths with lots of closet space :)  They just put in new carpet and painted it so it doesn't look too bad for a foreclosure.  We will be gutting the bathroom and redoing the kitchen.


M + D said…
Yea!! So I've been slacking on my blog stalking and love all your new posts. I'm super excited for you guys!
Shaunel said…
Wow! That's so exciting. Congrats you two!
Karissa Kay said…
Congrats!! That sounds so great!

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