Christmas Day

We had a hard time getting things ready for Christmas this year. We didn't even put up the tree and nativity scene until the Monday before.  We did listen to a lot of Christmas Music and read a little bit of "A Christmas Carol" in our defense. On Christmas Day we opened gifts that we gave each other, ate Ebelskivers and steak (not at the same time), and stayed inside watching movies for the rest of the day.  We saw some pretty good ones actually. 

My favorite was Salt with Angelina Jolie.  Lots of great action a lot like Borne Identity.  Looks like there could be a sequel and I'm very excited about that :)  Plus there were shots of DC.

We also watched Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.  It was also an action flick, but different than Salt in that it was funny and had some romance sprinkled in.  The action was good and the humor just added to the movie.

The third movie we actually watched the day after, but close enough.  We finally watched Inception, which we had heard so much about, but never got around to seeing.  I wasn't really that into this movie.  I think it was because it was so hyped up that I was expecting something more or maybe I just wasn't into thinking that much that day. 

I bet if I had seen it in the theatre I would have liked it more.  It was pretty cool, an interesting idea to say the least.  I was hoping there would be some sort of resolution at the end so I wasn't thrilled about that.

I'm sure next year will be much more fun as we will have someone to be festive for :)


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