The Black Watch

On Friday, January 28 we bought discounted tickets to the Shakespeare Theatre to see the Scottish play Black Watch. It's about Scottish troops deployed to Iraq and their experience there. The Black Watch is the the premiere Scottish regiment and have been around since before the Revolutionary War where they fought.

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I really liked the part where they talked about the history of the Black Watch and the main character was changed in to the various uniforms they have worn. They also sang Scottish songs and had thick Scottish accents, which were hard to decipher at times, I felt like I was at a Shakespearean play at the beginning trying to figure out what they were saying. The choreography was pretty cool. The fighting was more like dancing.

Albert said that it was very similar to his experience in the U.S. Army. Lots of cussing and talk about porn. Our program included a warning of strong language and loud explosions. They weren't exaggerating about the strong language. Literally every third word started with an f. They swore A LOT!!  Overall I liked the play, but it wasn't amazing and the swearing and crude talk was a turn off for me. 

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On Saturday we received free tickets from the USO to see Tynan at Studio Theatre.  It was a one man play based on the Diaries of Kenneth Tynan, a famous theatre critic.  It was also very sexual and boring so we ended up walking out about the time our meter was to run out.  Apparently this guy had a fetish with spanking and I was hoping the crude sex talk would be a small part of the play, but unfortunately it was a big part, a part I wasn't interested in to say the least.

I think we're about done seeing plays for awhile as we are now on our 38th week pregnancy (out of 40 weeks for those who are not in the know).  This month we tried to get in all the things we won't be doing for awhile like going to Ruth's Chris and the theatre as much as possible and now we're focusing on the impending remodel for our new condo (we're still waiting for the ratification which should be done any day now, and then we'll work on the inspection) and Albert starts school again this week.  He's definitely going to be busy this semester with working full-time, going to school full-time, becoming a dad, and buying, remodeling, and moving into a condo.  Not to mention hoping to get a permanent job in his current office this spring and lots of visits from family. 


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