The Baby Shower

On Saturday, January 8 my friends threw me a baby shower!  I was a little nervous because it snowed that morning, but luckily no one was deterred.  I can't believe I'm far enough along to have a baby shower, but on the other hand I'm definitely getting to the point where I'd like to have my body back.  By the time he actually comes I know I'll be totally over this whole pregnancy thing.

Albert came to take pictures and was a great help getting all the presents in the car afterwards.

The food was really good and they decorated the place super cute with Tiffany Blue everywhere.  People kept asking me if I had dressed to match the decor, but honestly I had no idea...I just like that color :)  I was able to take home a plate full of the gluten-free cupcakes Morgan made and I've been having one everyday since.  They are like heaven I tell ya.

We played a couple games, one where the contestants see who can drink a bottle of orange juice the fastest, it looks really hard, and gift bingo while I was opening presents.  Kim printed out pictures of Albert and me when we were kids and used them as the decorations.  It was really cute and I loved having our family pictures out, it made it feel very homey.

I received tons of really great gifts a lot of which were books - 16 to be exact and none of them duplicates.  Little Bean has his own library now of over 20 books.  I gave Albert a few books for Christmas, two are for Filipino-American kids with traditional stories and vocabulary words in Tagalog (Albert learned a lot of new words flipping through the book).  We wanted our son to have a lot of books and are so happy we have so many teachers as friends...they know all the good ones :)

It was really great to catch up with my friends, it had been awhile since I got to see them.  Everyone was so generous and made the day really special for Albert and me.  Thanks so much!!

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Melanie said…
As you're looking for more books (it happens sooner than you think), I recommend "Reading With Babies Toddlers and Twos." It has a LOT of great recommendations that are age appropriate so they're actually interested. Good luck with the last month!
kimi + joe said…
Funny, I totally thought someone leaked the color scheme to you because you matched perfectly! That's great you found some Filipino-American books. Your baby will be cultured from a young age.

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