Temple Christmas Lights & Jenny Oaks Baker

We went to the DC LDS Temple to check out the beautiful Christmas lights they put up every year on December, 19. We picked that particular day because Jenny Oaks Baker was performing a free concert at the visitor's center and she is amazing. We got there early so we could check out the lights before the concert, but once we arrived an hour early we found the line was already really long. Our friends Kim and Joe joined us and Kim and I waited in line while Albert took pictures and Joe chatted with a guy he knows.

Luckily they opened the doors a half hour early because my legs were starting to hurt. They let us sit in the front row right in the middle because all the babies are nestled in the womb (no kids in the front two rows!). We had great seats and the music was wonderful!

It was so crowded!  Albert managed to take some great pictures of the international ornaments donated by embassies.

I love the pictures of the reflection of the temple in the window.  Especially the one with the Christus Statue.

We ran into some friends at the concert and they came and sat by us.  Also, Senator Bennett from Utah was in attendance.  Jenny Oaks Baker's three daughters played a piece with her.  So cute!

Afterwards we took pictures of us in front of the temple per tradition.  It was tough with all the little kids running around and having to take turns with others trying to get the perfect shot, but they turned out pretty well.


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