Date Day

On Saturday, December 18 we got up early to partake of a free showing of Gulliver's Travels.  It was in 3D and they were very serious about turning off your phone.  The security went through bags to make sure phones were turned off.  I guess it wasn't the annoying ringing they were worried about as much as video recording.  I don't know why anyone would want to watch a movie recorded from my crappy phone, but we complied.

The movie itself started out well enough, but got progressively cheesy from there.  It is rated PG and would probably be more highly rated if I were 10 instead of 30.  Sadly Jack Black's character hasn't changed since School of Rock.

The same afternoon we snagged free tickets to another Studio Theatre performance, Superior Donuts.  It was good.  There was quite a bit of swearing and a fight scene that was kinda bloody.  Seeing a fight in a play is much different than on TV I'll tell you that.  The characters and acting were excellent like always.

photo via here

photo via here

When we were going back to our car we realized we had 13 minutes left on the meter so we went over to Pitango Gelato and bought some Italian Sipping Hot Chocolate.  It was delicious.  I hadn't had rich hot chocolate like that since I was in Italy in 2002-03.  Yum!  A great way to end our date day.


kimi + joe said…
Good to know you weren't such a fan of the movie - we'll cross it off our list ;)

I love you guys plan date days and pack them full! It'll be fun to see how baby Cortez fits into these dates nights/days

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