Christmas Eve Dinner

This Christmas Eve we went to our friends Kim & Joe's apartment for a wonderful meal and socializing. Our friend Laura was also in attendance and Kim's sister came down from Connecticut for the celebrations.  Kim decorated the table beautifully and made some really great food.  We tried out a yummy new recipe for scalloped potatoes that we will give you sometime and made our favorite asparagus recipe.

Albert was busy taking pictures and we didn't get any of him.  He was there though, I promise.  After dinner we played Apples to Apples and oddly enough I won! 

We all made bets on the gender of Kim & Joe's baby since they waited until Christmas day to find out and all of us except Albert were wrong!  They are having a little girl so of course we have to try and stop ourselves from playing match maker with our baby boy.  It would be really fun to be related to Kim & Joe though.  Just putting that out there Little Bean.


kimi + joe said…
Albert always photographs things in such a way to make them so appealing. Funny, you 'oddly enough' won apples to apples AND farkle. You're more game savvy than you realize!

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