Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I'm thankful for...

four days off from work!  I need the rest.

a wonderful companion and help meet that seems to have been created just for me.

a sweet baby boy who reminds me of the important things with each kick.

supportive and loving parents who tried to teach me how to be a good person.

hilarious siblings who encourage me and boost me up.

true friends who help me through this mortal journey.

a good job with friendly coworkers who look out for me and my growing belly.

a loving God who gives me much more than I'll ever deserve.

a Savior who helps me overcome all the heartache and challenges in this life.

the Holy Spirit who comforts, purifies, leads, and testifies of truth.

prophets past and present who sacrifice much give me God's word.

beautiful music that uplifts my spirit.

good food that delights the taste buds and fills the belly.


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