Jake & Bethany's Ring Ceremony & Reception

After the luncheon my parents and sister picked us up and took us to the hospital to visit my grandpa who was there so I could see him before we went back to DC.

Jake and Bethany had a ring ceremony at the cute chapel at This is the Place Heritage Park. It's a pretty cool place to check out with the old pioneer houses, next time we get a chance I want to play tourist and spend some time there.  Jake asked me to give a reading from the Proclamation to the Family and I was pretty nervous. I felt much better after it was over.  The officiator did a really nice job and the harp music was soothing.

The reception was at the Kimball home and it was a lot of fun chatting with my aunt and uncle who we hadn't seen in awhile. The fruit was delicious and I ate a lot of grapes :)


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