Hunting & Fishing

My little brother has a new dog and is determined to train it to hunt. This dog has gone to classes in Utah and in order to keep up it's skills my brother uses caged pigeons (I'm not sure where he gets them) and has the dog find it before they let them go and try and shoot them. When they said they were going to shoot pigeons I thought they meant clay pigeons, but apparently they were alive. They took Albert along because he's a good sport.

He didn't end up shooting any birds, but he did get some good shots of the beautiful Wyoming sunset. I've seen a lot of sunsets in a lot of different places, but none are prettier than in Wyoming, especially Green River where the light hits the red clifts and melts for hours down into the ground. Beautiful!


The next morning my dad took him fishing.  He tried to teach Albert to jig, my dad's new favorite method for catching fish, but he just couldn't get the hang of the wrist movement.  He did come up with something close and actaully caught more fish than my dad!  They ended up letting some of them go, but we did have a nice fish dinner that night.

Albert also caught this picture of a Wyoming sunrise. The sky is endless there.


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