Family Time

We had arranged to meet my biological dad for dinner when we got back from Farson and we was waiting at my parent's house when we pulled into the drive. We hurried and freshened up and then we were on our way back to Rock Springs.  We ate at a brewery.  We first stocked up on a bunch of yummy appetizers and then I was too full to eat my steak.  I did the best I could but I was so full.  We walked around the area for a bit trying to digest.  Afterwards we drove back to Green River and watched a movie at my old stopping grounds.  It was really strange thinking I used to go there all the time growing up. It seemed so small.

We stayed up late (for us) chatting with my little brothers.  My brother on the far left is a cop and has two kids so he's always busy with work and kids.  My other brother was going through RA training at the dorms and had no time to hang out.  He's also the class president and he was the mascot.  Unlike us older two, he is very involved in college.  My baby sister was still at work so she's not pictured - we hung out with her the next day though.


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