Circle Mirror Transformation

On Saturday we finally made our way back up to the temple after not going for the entire summer.  I'm feeling much better now so we're starting to leave the house again.  It was great to go back and do sealings and think about how we are already sealed to our Little Bean and s/he hasn't even been born yet. 

Afterwards we hurried down to the Studio Theatre to watch the Circle Mirror Transformation written by Annie Baker.  Albert was lucky enough to get free tickets from the USO and we hadn't been to a play in so long.  My mom suggested we do all the activities we can't do with a baby now so seeing shows is a top priority these days.

photo via here

The show was good.  It was about a community adult theatre class in a small town in Vermont and all they do are theatre games.  What is going on in class reflects what's going on in their lives.  It was hilarious at times,  watching people play theatre games is always funny...I was in theatre in high school and played similar games myself so it was even more poignant to me than to Albert who wasn't familiar with them.  As most plays are, it was insightful into the human character and I really liked the ending where it skipped ten years ahead and related what happened to all the characters.

photo via here

The acting was all good and it wasn't offensive or really strange like some plays are at Studio Theatre.  They do a lot of more modern stuff so sometimes it's a little borderline.  You can see a review from the Washington Post here.  It was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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