Olivia's Baptism

Our friend Sara's little girl Olivia, was baptized on July 18th. Olivia was such a trooper and didn't cry at all with all the water that the pastor put on her head.  Her paternal great-grandma sang a lullaby that she's sang at all the baptisms in the family which was really  sweet.  Here are family and friend photos from the baptism:

After the baptism we went to Clyde's for brunch where we had a yummy meal.  I had a traditional breakfast, while Albert had the poached eggs and crab cakes :)  It was fun chatting with Sara's friends from DC that we had met at her birthday parties and baby shower.  Olivia is one of the cutest and most alert babies I've met.  She seems to really be paying attention to what is going on around her and she listens when people talk to her.


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