Legg Mason Tennis Classic 2010

Albert picked me up from my friend Kim's baby shower and we went straight to the Legg Mason Classic match between Malisse and Baghdatis.  Albert won tickets at his USO poker match the night before and since we had missed our opportunity to get the free tickets they were handing out earlier this worked out perfectly.  Unfortunately, we were stuck out in the sun but we had put on lots of sunscreen and I didn't even get burnt!

We really wanted Baghdatis to win the second set since he had won the first one and I didn't know how much longer I could last in the hot, hot sun.  Luckily we got our wish! Yay Baghdatis!

Afterwards we escaped the heat in the USO tent and waited for them to set up as we were about an hour early.  We got our free food and listened to some pretty bad/loud music.  On our way out Albert noticed a Bubba Burger bib sitting on the giveaway table so he asked if we could have it.  The Bubba Burger guy gave us that and a sippy cup.  Our baby's first items. I'm sure s/he will be so stoked to have a Bubba Burger bib and sippy cup.  I doubt the other babies will have them.


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