Family Day at Andrews Air Force Base

On August 14th I went to Andrews Air Force Base with Albert for the Air Reserves Family Day. I knew I was going to be flying in some sort of military aircraft, but I had no idea what kind. A lady called me the day before to tell me what time I needed to be there and to bring a jacket as it would get cold, but otherwise I knew nothing.  I was excited when they told us that we were going to see an air refueling, something not a lot of people get to see close-up...not even Albert has seen one :) 

I was pretty excited when one of the boom operators asked if any of us wanted to sit in the cockpit during take-off and since none of the other spouses were saying anything I said I would like to.  We ended up having three of us in the front.  It was really nice because we had fans in the cockpit, while the rest of the plane was super hot.

Our flight was about 3 hours long and we went down the coast almost to Florida. We could see another plane refueling from our window.

The coolest part of the flight was laying down in the boom operator's station in the back.  It's really quite amazing to be laying on your stomach looking down at the ground from a plane.  We took turns watching the plane refuel when it got to that time. Two of us could watch at a time and I ended up being there at the very end when the plane detached from the refueling which was cool.

Here's a short video I took and Albert and I put together of my flight and the refueling. 

I couldn't wait to get back and tell Albert all about my cool flight.  We had a family picnic which he was able to come to afterwards and I got to show him around a KC-135 so he could really get an idea of what it was like :)


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