Birthday Celebrations

For my big day Albert picked me up from work, he had taken off from work early so he could finish his school work and hang out with me for the evening. He presented me with a dozen red roses and took me to Vidalia's for dinner (I love Restaurant Week).

I had a salad while Albert had the fried green tomatoes for our first course.  The waiter was very good about checking which food I could have and I picked the chicken and Albert had the bbq. Both were tender and delicious.  I would have liked more vegetables.  They brought out my dessert with a candle on the plate which I thought was very cool.  Usually the candles melt down on the cake and you spend a lot of time and effort picking wax out of the frosting, but putting the candle on the plate is very clever.

When we got home Albert gave me my presents all with the theme of comfort. A chair cushion for work, a massage chair cushion for the living room, and a snoogle (a pregnancy body pillow) for bed.  It was a very nice day indeed!


Kayla said…
Looks like a great birthday. Love that I found your blog. I am jumping to your other now. I'm a sucker for a pregnancy blog.

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