Asian Festival 2010

On the last day of July we headed out to Reston, VA after a nice breakfast of gluten-free pancakes from the Original Pancake House for the annual Asian Festival. This year we made a point to go since they were featuring the Philippines! 

They had all sorts of goods to buy and things to look at.  During a cooking demonstration they asked if anyone wanted to come up and taste the food and Albert eagerly volunteered to taste the mango salad up on the stage.  It was pretty tasty!  We also saw some guy who looked important so Albert asked who he was, he was the Filipino Ambassador to the US and we got a picture with him.  Of course we had to get some halo-halo since it was hot out.  We both decided we don't really like the beans that much.

We wandered over to check out what the Thais had on display.  They also have fruit carving, but my favorite is the soap carving.  Carved fruit is cool, but eventually it goes bad so I really like the idea of having a good smelling beautifully carved soap you can keep.  Albert was really trying at the ring toss, but didn't get one.  I on the other hand, got two so I won something dumb, I forget what.

They had some Filipino traditional courtship dancing along with a pre-teen girl who could really sing.  We only had our cell phones to video tape the dances and the quality was pretty low.

While we were waiting for a concert to start they said that they were going to start towing cars parked where ours was so we decided it was a good time to leave.  Maybe we'll take Little Bean next year :)


Greg & Jenny said…
I had no idea you were pregnant! That's great congratulations!
kimi + joe said…
I'm impressed with their fruit carving skills.

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