Alvin & Jesicca's Wedding: Rehearsal

On Friday, July 2 Jes and Alvin had their rehearsal at the Little Flower Church. I had never been to a real rehearsal and it was fun to see how they put it all together behind the scenes. Albert was the best man, but he was too busy taking pictures and wasn't really paying attention to what he was supposed to do the next day.

Jesicca's dad was goofing around pretending he was crying uncontrollably as they brought their daughter down the aisle.  The real thing wasn't much different except it wasn't pretend :)  Since Albert was busy with his duties the next day he didn't get as many pics as at the rehearsal (like he would let being the best man stop him from taking pics on the actual day).  You can see them exchanging coins and the veil and cords they wrap around them as a sign of unity. 

Afterwards we went to a Chinese buffet for the rehearsal dinner.  There was good food and we were lucky enough to sit with the guests of honor.  Alvin made a touching speech about how blessed he was to have Jesicca in his life...sweet :)

The bridal party got together to practice the big reception entrance that night so Albert took a bunch of group photos.


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