National Asian Heritage Festival - Fiesta Asia

After we went to the BBQ on Saturday, May 22, we went into DC to see Fiesta Asia. There was tons of great food and cooking demonstrations with free food. We were so full from the BBQ, but that didn't stop us from trying out some of the demonstration food.

Just like in Asia, there was lots of stuff to buy.  Albert has a shirt his parents brought him from the Philippines like the red one in the top left.  We decided that we're going to wear our Filipino shirts to the next Asian festival in August.

They had two stages and a section in the middle where people were performing so there was lots to see.  You could stay there all day.  We watched the cute little Taiwanese girls dance with little dolls and martial arts demonstrations.  The Sri Lankans were nice enough to dress me up in a sari which I found was much easier to take off than put on.

Albert took some video of the Taiwanese girls dancing. 

This girl is doing a traditional aboriginal dance from Taiwan.  It's amazing to me how much this sounds and looks like Native American music/dancing.  Very similar to the traditional Tibetan music/dance.

They had internal martial arts demonstrations. This one has soft and hard elements.


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