The Last Supper (with Jake)

On Monday, June 14 we had one last cousins’ dinner with Jake before he moved down to the Sunshine State for his residency in Pediatric Medicine. In true form he was over an hour late – he was picking up his brother from the airport and the flight was delayed so he had a good excuse – but we had fun chatting with Emily and her new beau Josh who teaches people how to fly helicopters with her.

We went to Jake’s favorite restaurant these days, Hana Tokyo, which has seen many important family events including our rehearsal lunch and Jake and Bethany’s engagement dinner where their parents were able to meet for the first time. Like usual we had plenty of funny stories to share and lots to tell with all of Jake’s new endeavors. He graduated from medical school, got engaged, turned 30, moved to Orlando, started a new job, and will be getting married in August…talk about a life makeover.

It was also nice to meet Jake’s brother (who isn’t actually my cousin but is still cool) and we got to chat with the bride-to-be a bit. Luckily Bethany will be in town for another couple months before she joins Jake in Florida.

I remembered to bring the camera, but what I forgot was to put the memory card back in so we have no photos to document the event.  Hopefully we’ll get to see Jake again before his wedding day. It’s been so fun getting to know him these past four years and since he’ll be Orlando for awhile we’ll definitely get to visit when we see Albert’s family; and of course there will be lots of late night phone calls from over anxious parents once we have kids and need reassurance from Dr. Jake.


Bethany Poulter said…
It was a great dinner! Even though we didn't have a camera to document the event. :)

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