Jonas Brothers in Concert

The Jonas Brothers gave a free concert at 7 AM on June 2. Most of the teen-aged girls who attended got their wrist bands the morning before, but we got ours via the USO so no waiting. We don't really listen to the Jonas Brothers, but we couldn't pass up a free concert. So we were there at about 6:45 that Wednesday morning.

The girls were relatively calm while we waited, but when they came on stage the screaming was deafening. I had no idea they could make that high pitched noise. I'm so glad it was early enough that they were a little quieter than I'm sure they are at a normal Jonas Brothers concert. The Warner Theatre was about 3/4 of the way full as they only gave out 1000 tickets. We were definitely in  the minority.  As  to be expected the crowd was mostly made up of 14 year old girls and a few parents. 

They sang about five songs, most of which I had never heard of, but the girls next to us knew every word.  I decided I would let my teen-aged daughter listen to them.

Here's some video Albert took:


kimi + joe said…
My sister-in-law would be insanely jealous.

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